Our Mission

To gain the supports needed for individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families to plan for and enact their goals of living in the community.

The Real People Campaign was created by parents of children with intellectual disabilities.  We are parents who, with our children, have spent years on waiting lists to receive supports and services with little advance or benefit.  We are on the list because we need help and resources so that our children can live full and meaningful lives in our community.  However, we tire of sitting on a waiting list with no other route to advocate for our children.  We feel like numbers, insignificant names on a list that has no personal meaning to the funding powers.  We feel that to be truly heard, we need to share our story and help government and community to understand the complex challenges of raising and living with a child with a disability.  Thus began, The Real People Campaign.

Our stories and photos reveal major challenges for people with disabilities, but they also tell extraordinary tales of love, courage, hope and strength that inspire the common person to play a role in our fight for equal opportunity.

Our hope is that the public will partner with families who have children with intellectual disabilities to send a strong message via this website.  The message to government is to put more funding into Developmental Services to relieve the wait lists.   We also hope this website becomes an effective advocacy tool for families.  

Please help us to make some noise!!

Get the attention of those with the power to make it happen: your government representatives. Register with The Real People Campaign and start sending the letter we have written.

Latest News

Our Website is Launched!

March 2010 - Our Campaign website has gone live!

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Feature Story

Portrait of Mary and Jim

The McAuslan Family

Jim is an active man who has been working and volunteering in his community with supports from Stepping Stones, a Foundations Initiative after leaving high school. Jim has a paid job at Lambton Pharmacy and Lambton Rural Childcare where he shreds paper and cleans toys. We have worked hard to build connections to his community through Jim’s years with Stepping Stones funds and Jim has been very successful gaining skills and independence. Jim is well known in his community and ideally will continue to develop as a valued employee and citizen. Update-Jim's funding has been terminated and there is no Passport funding to help continue his participation in the Community. His Mom has had to quit work to look after him at home.

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