Portrait of the McEachran-Gale Family

McEachran-Gale Family

Jane, Spencer & Katherine

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McEachran-Gale Family

Hello. My name is Jane McEachran-Gale. Wilma Arthurs called me for “The Real People Task Group”. I am extremely interested in helping out this group. I am in the same boat as so many single and married families. I have two wonderful young adults. Katherine, 19 who is autistic and Spencer, 17 who just graduated from High School, great marks. They are great together. All his friends say hello to Katherine when they walk in the door. They always give a high and low five because she is so loveable. Katherine needs full time attention and full time care. She understands verbal language but is non-verbal and incontinent. I receive Special Services at Home and Parent Relief from Community Living. Only one weekend every 6 weeks. Katherine has only two years at High School. She will miss all her friends in her special needs class and other children at the school. I am 52, Katherine will never be able to live on her own and my son has to move on with school and his own life.

I as well as many other families will require day supports while living at home as long as possible. I am realistic, she will be in a group home and I hope a very nice place. We all worry about what will happen to our beautiful children when we are gone. Katherine follows me everywhere I go. Katherine is human and will most definitely know when I am gone. She will need love, attention and care! I know the government is under financial stress but Autism should not be on the bottom of the list. To get diagnosed I started in Sarnia, London, Windsor, Hamilton and finally Toronto.


Jane McEachran-Gale

February 16, 2010