portrait of Kelly's family

Kelly and Samantha

orange handprint

Kelly's Family

This is my daughter, Samantha Richards.  She is 18 years old.  Sam has autism.  Sam is profoundly deaf.  She has been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder (does not sleep).  She has too many health issues to list.  Until she turned 18, we received $22,000 in respite funding.  We now receive $10,000 per year.  This loss in monies has forced me to pay for respite out of my own pocket.  I am a single, working mother and by no means financially able to replace the $12,000 we have lost since Samantha’s 18th birthday.  This has placed a huge amount of stress on myself and Samantha.  Sam’s quality of life has been greatly affected.  My quality of life has been greatly affected.  I am deeply concerned for my family’s future.

Kelly Dywelska

March 5, 2010