portrait of Robbins Family

The Robbins Nest, Doug and Janet, Felicia and Nicole

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The Robbins Family

Our family nest consists of mom and dad; Doug and Janet, and our not so little Robbins, Nicole (18) and Felisha (16). Nicole has just complete grade 12 and plans to further her education in Environmental Biology at Lakehead University starting in September 2009. Felisha was born medically fragile. She is legally blind, seizures, has very low muscle tone and is confined to a wheelchair (C.P) and is totally dependent on others for aspects of daily living. Felisha is a beautiful young girl. Although Felisha is unable to neither understand nor speak she enjoys the social stimulation she gets from being around people. As parents we both work full time for a living outside of the home. Felisha is 24/7 care. She awakes every night and requires care during the night. Home support only covers a fraction of the care required. Doug and I cannot remember the last night we had a vacation together. When Doug is not home to care for Felisha it is very difficult for myself to care for Felisha alone as she is the same size as me. Felisha attends Alexander McKenzie Secondary School in the medically fragile classroom. Felisha is only eligible to attend High School until she is 21 year of age. At that time we will require full time care for her. Our hope at that time is the there will be a program available that Felisha can attend with her peers and receive care. If nothing is available we have to have full time in house support to care for her. Felisha will miss the social stimulation which she enjoys very much from being with her class mates and students and teacher. Someday we will no longer be able to physically care for Felisha the way that she deserves to be cared for. Our hope and dream at that time that we will reside in a home setting with her friends and caregivers.

Janet and Doug Robbins

May 20, 2010