Portrait of the Milne family

Sara, David, Scott, Shelly, Sam and Emma

orange handprint

Emma's Family

Emma is the oldest child in our family. She just celebrated her 25th birthday. Emma is a gentle young woman with a wonderful smile and good sense of humour. She loves to horseback ride, ski and walk her dog. She also has a developmental delay and needs support to be able to complete every day activities. Emma has three different programs she attends in our home town of Forest. Three days a week Emma attends a program run by the Lambton County Developmental Services. One day a week she goes to a workshop run by South Huron Developmental Services. She volunteers with the help of a Special Services at Home (SSAH) worker at the local nursing home one afternoon a week.

We receive a yearly amount of money from SSAH program that allows Emma to work in the nursing home. It also provides two-three hours a week respite time for us.Some day Emma would like to live in a place of her own and she will need support in order to achieve this goal. Our wish is that Emma will be able to live independently in the future and funding will be available for her to achieve that dream.

Sara Milne

March 8, 2010