Portrait of the Hutchinson Family

Kathleen and Adam

orange handprint

The Hutchinson Family

Our son Adam was born in 1987 and graduated from high school in 2008. He has multiple disabilities including visually impaired, epilepsy, mentally delayed, physical disabilities and behavioral problems to name a few. These challenges create a magnitude of problems with normal daily life within our family and we require some help in order to cope and continue to have Adam living with us. In many ways he is like a child of age two in that he requires a great deal of help with his personal hygiene, dressing, toileting, etc. He needs help to eat and must be closely watched as he can easily choke. He has no sense of danger; he will walk outside and onto the street in front of traffic. He needs to be assisted while walking outdoors at all times.

He is well liked with a fabulous sense of humor and enjoys meeting people and being kept active since he has a low attention span and is hyperactive.

Our fears are that without any Passport Funding to keep him active in the community we will become prisoners in our home. Adam will become aggressive and angry and we will be unable to manage him without support. Residential placement is  beyond our reach since there are long wait lists with no improvement in sight. Our future looks very bleak as we move along into our “twilight years” with the burden of the care of our son on our shoulders alone.

Kathleen Hutchinson

September 14, 2011