A Siblings Story, The Arthurs-Sloot Family

I worry all the time about my parents health and ability to care for Emilia. I also worry about Emilia's ability to someday have some independence of her own.

Arthurs Family

I have been a stay at home mom for over 30 years. It is not what I planned with my life. But I have been happy to have given it up for Emilia and all the other families I have advocated for over the past 19 years.

Emma's Family

Some day Emma would like to live in a place of her own and she will need support in order to achieve this goal. Our wish is that Emma will be able to live independently in the future and funding will be available for her to achieve that dream.

Finch Family

We have children with special needs and sadly our provincial government has failed us in so many ways. It shouldn’t be this hard to get information and service for the people we love, in order to help them be contributing productive members of our society.

Gregory's Story

Gregory is only entering Senior Kindergarten and I am sure at his completion of Secondary School he will require more services and funding and I am not sure they will be there for him at that time in his life and that scares me.

Hastings Family

I am 53 and see no relief in sight for as long as I am able to stand. Things most 50 year olds are starting to look forward to - retirement, time for themselves, time alone with their spouses, vacations, sleeping in (past 6AM), freedom - I fear I will never experience.

Jennifer's Family

Brandon has a strong desire to work, but there are wait lists and limited options for job training programs. Social opportunities (through the Special Populations program and Community Living) are limited, with wait lists and often come at a high cost.

Kelly's Family

Sam’s quality of life has been greatly affected. My quality of life has been greatly affected. I am deeply concerned for my family’s future.

McEachran-Gale Family

We all worry about what will happen to our beautiful children when we are gone. Katherine follows me everywhere I go. Katherine is human and will most definitely know when I am gone. She will need love, attention and care!

Mohammad's Family

We are pleading with the government to please put more funding into Special Services at Home so that families like us can have the services we deserve and desperately need.