Nathan's Story

Some day we hope that Nathan will be able to live like any other young man in his own apartment with full supportive staff as he needs 24 hour care 7 days a week.

The Card Family

Daryl enjoys working at Goodwill as a driver’s assistant, but doesn’t understand money or finances in general, let alone the government’s latest regulations.

The Chate Family

Chris has been in the hospital since November 1, 2007 because of behavioral problems. Chris needs appropriate placement in a group home; however, government funding is needed to accomplish this goal.

The Core Family

We certainly see a need for increased funding to make the announced programs more than just that, an announcement. We also think that the level of government funding has not kept pace with the real financial needs of the disabled community and ask that disabled individuals be given the “financial respect” that they deserve.

The Duquette Family

We try to be optimistic even through struggles or setbacks.

The Hillier Family

We urge the powers that be to listen to our plea and take the action needed to provide the services and funds to help the many mentally challenged people in our community to live a better and fulfilling life- a life that a large majority of people take for granted.

The Hutchinson Family

Our future looks very bleak as we move along into our “twilight years” with the burden of the care of our son on our shoulders alone.

The Johnson Family

We are currently on the waiting list for special services at home funding but we were told there probably won’t be any more money coming in.

The Lambier Family

I would like to live in a house with 2 of my friends and do the things other guys my age do. Please help us and other families in our community to have the same rights and opportunities that everyone else has.

The Malott Family

Once you read just a snip-it of our life, it is my hope that better solutions can be found for the most vulnerable of our Citizens. No, we did not want to institutionalize our family member, nor did we ever expect her life to be reduced to seclusion at home for the rest of her life either. As Canadian citizens, we are all better than that.