The McAuslan Family

Jim is an active man who has been working and volunteering in his community with supports from Stepping Stones, a Foundations Initiative after leaving high school. Jim has a paid job at Lambton Pharmacy and Lambton Rural Childcare where he shreds paper and cleans toys. We have worked hard to build connections to his community through Jim’s years with Stepping Stones funds and Jim has been very successful gaining skills and independence. Jim is well known in his community and ideally will continue to develop as a valued employee and citizen. Update-Jim's funding has been terminated and there is no Passport funding to help continue his participation in the Community. His Mom has had to quit work to look after him at home.

The Meriano Family

FAMILIES NEED MORE FUNDING FOR SUPPORT/HOURS TO KEEP THEIR INDIVIDUALS AT HOME. I am saving the government money by keeping my adult child at home, but I need more support to continue to do this.

The Pitts Family

I hope and pray that government funding will be available in the near future so I can be content in my future knowing that Rebecca is settled and happy in a supportive environment i.e. group home among her friends and peers.

The Pritchard Family

There is a huge societal cost to relying on family caregivers – but we also save governments vast amounts of money while we care for our disabled family members at home, rather than in institutions or hospitals. What can be done to help families like ours? Would I undertake this journey again? In a heartbeat!

The Robbins Family

Felisha is only eligible to attend High School until she is 21 years of age. At that time we will require full time care for her. Our hope at that time is that there will be a program available that Felisha can attend with her peers and receive care. If nothing is available we have to have full time in house support to care for her. Felisha will miss the social stimulation which she enjoys very much from being with her class mates and students and teacher.

The Shepley Family

We are concerned for Ashley’s happiness. We want her home with us as long as possible. We know that she also needs to spend time with her peers, but we do not have the means to provide this to her when school is over.

The Smoke Family

As parents, we all want our children to achieve their goals and be happy and productive adults.

The Stewart Family

Our desire is to have Andre settled and happy before a crisis occurs in our own lives, or we find it extremely difficult to continue to provide the home and care that Andre will always require. Summer 2009-Andre' has been accepted into a group home in Petrolia. It was bittersweet for Barb and Denys, but they see him regularly and Andre' lives a happy life in his new home!

The Treulieb Family

Most of my days are spent trying to deal with Erik’s situation with regards to forms, permission slips, doctor’s notes, contracts, schedules, medical requirements, (diapers, ,feeding tubes, jugs, pain medications), meetings with government agencies, doctor’s appointments, therapists, seating appointments for his wheelchair, etc.

The Trottier Family

We are very proud of all our daughters as they have become incredible young adults. Like most parents we always encourage them to be happy healthy confident people. Having a special needs child reaching this goal has many challenges.