The Vanderkant Family

Bill is thirty years old, we are getting tired, Bill's stepdad is having health problems and I am not getting any younger. My dream is to have Bill in a place where he will be happy and looked after the way any human being should be looked after before the Good Lord takes me.

The Vosburg's Story

Having a special needs child has a dramatic affect on the lives of families, especially the parents.

The Walker Family

My name is Roberta Ann Walker, widow, grandmother of four and a working mom living with my son Brendan F. Walker.I am told of long waiting lists with a probable placement at some long-term facility for seniors in Sarnia with no day program.After all those years of tender loving care our family has spent on making this young man as self-sufficient as possible, is this the BEST our government can do????

Tim Vallee

I find the government picks on the seniors and disabled. I save the government a ton of money by having Tim at home with me.

Van Wyk Family

Since moving to Lambton County less than 5 years ago, the dynamics of our family has changed. Now it is Laura and her Mom daily struggling to keep each other going.